Mother's Day was held in Omaha, Nebraska

  Mother's Day was celebrated in an unusual way in the parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Omaha, Nebraska.
  The day began with the Sunday Liturgy, during which they prayed for their mothers and then the youngest parishioners presented flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary during the prayer service.

  The men prepared a poetic and musical performance for mothers and grandmothers, followed by a festive dinner, a video of greetings and a competition for the best recited poem. It took three weeks to prepare for the gala concert. With live music, songs, and during the breaks interesting information related to Mother's Day was read, - the music program greatly amused parishioners and guests of the holiday. The children helped to greet the mothers, and during the singing of the famous song "My Mother" gave flowers to all the women present. Mothers were moved by the end of the program, where they watch a general video of greetings from children, recorded for each mother individually from their children from around the world.

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