Cherishing Ukrainian language, history, traditions and culture in Ridna Shkola in Dallas, TX


  "And I praise You always, dear God"
  T.G. Shevchenko

  No good event in life or in society occurs without God's inspiration and blessing. So it was with the founding of the Ridna Shkola Dallas, located in The Colony, in the St. Sophias Church premisses.
  The first bell for children sounded on February 2, 2019, with the blessing of Fr. Pavlo Popov, and the common prayer of all present.

  School teachers and students, often with the participation and support of parents, hold many different events, holidays, workshops, and even picnics.
  March was full of several literary events and a traditional Ukrainian master class.
  First of all, on April 6, a lecture dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka was held, after which children and teachers made a thematic poster.
  Then the teachers and students prepared and brilliantly performed a wonderful program dedicated to the birthday of the Great Kobzar. It was very cozy, somehow homely. Nobody wanted to leave the celebration.
  At the end of March 27, a traditional Easter egg master class was held for the enthusiastic child. It was hot, the work was in full swing, and the air felt the approach of a great holiday - the Resurrection of the Lord, which added a great sense of joy and anticipation of Easter.
  Incredible gratitude to the teachers of the Ridna Shkola Dallas, Mrs. Irina Shevchuk and Mrs. Vera Popov for their burning hearts and devotion to the Ukrainian language and culture, which they share with students.
  There is also an honor to parents who instill in their children a love for their native language, culture, and traditions, thus preserving the memory of their roots.
  We thank the Diocese for the fact that our Ukrainian church is located in the vicinity of Dallas. We thank Father Paul, for the school premises.
  Finally, I want to add: love your language, your culture, your traditions; remember your roots, because without them we will lose our God-given identity, our uniqueness.

  Maria Zvereva


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