The Annual May Procession took place in St. Nicholas Cathedral, Chicago

  In the Church Liturgical Year, the month of May is devoted to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Prayers of thanksgiving, praise and requests for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary are heard in all churches.

  On May 3rd, the students of the St. Nicholas Cathedral School together with their parents, teachers, and faithful took part in the Annual May Procession dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. During the walk, the participants sang praises of Mary, in the words of the song "Most Holy, Most Gracious - Prenebesna Prechudesna" were heard.

  Outside of the Cathedral, all fervently prayed to the Mother of God, asking her to bestow her blessings to all the students, teachers, parents and the entire Church. At the end of the prayer, our bishop Benedict and the Cathedral priests of St. Nicholas addressed the congregation, emphasizing the importance of prayer to Mary and her infinite Love for each of us.


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