Eparchial Clergy Attend Clergy Conference in April

  St. Nicholas Eparchy of Chicago, with the blessing of Bishop Benedict (Aleksiychuk), held its annual three-day Chrism conference, from Monday, Apr. 19th through Wednesday, Apr. 21st. The conference took place via Zoom, due to the pandemic precautions.

  The presenters of the first day were Fr. Serhiy Kovalchuk and Fr. Gregory Zubach.
  Fr. Serhiy Kovalchuk, chancellor of Eparchy, reminded about Eparchial Assembly resolutions and Declaration of the Vision of Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy: Implementation Plan 2018-2050 AD.
  Fr. Gregory discussed “Introduction to Church conflict”. His presentation was rooted in the Holy Scriptures, providing many examples of how Jesus or apostles managed conflicts they had encountered. Also, the audience was reminded about exhortations to Peacemaking in the Apostolic Writings. After the presentation was over, participators had opportunity to ask questions and share their own experience.
  The presenters of the second day were Fr. Richard Janowicz and Fr. Pavlo Popov. Fr Richard continued building on the theme of problem solving. He and Fr. Pavlo shared how they solved or failed to solve some of the problems in their ministry and what they have learned from that valuable experience. They also presented various helpful mechanisms of how to successfully deal with ministry related problems.
  By the end of the second meeting, Fr. Roman Bobesiuk briefly talked about Eparchial online radio project and the importance of information in the 21st century.
  Last day of the Chrism conference started with the presentation by the representatives of the Eparchial Youth Commission. It was a very interesting presentation, with a short question/answer session following the presentation.
  By the end of the third conference, Fr. Andriy Chyrowskyy presented final talk about the value of the Parish Council. Very detailed presentation was given by Fr. Andriy on how to build and work with the Parish Council and the fruits of such cooperation.
  At the conclusion of the final meeting, Bishop Benedict expressed his gratitude to the clergy for their active participation in this conference.

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