Parishioners from Omaha took Pilgrimage tour to the local Catholic Holy Shrine

  A new tradition was established at the Assumption Ukrainian Catholic Church in Omaha, NE on the Thomas Sunday, April 11th, 2021.

  Parishioners together with the Priest, Taras Mylyan took a pilgrimage tour to the local catholic Holy Shrine.

  A unique church stands on a hill visible from both directions on I-80. Consisting of a Chapel and a Visitor Center, every aspect of a Shrine was designed from a Holy vision. The Visitor Center is carved out of the side of a hill to evoke Christ’s tomb. In the middle of the room, hanging from a skylight, is a sculpture representing the shroud of Christ as it fell to the tomb at the Resurrection. From the sculpture, water appears. Symbolic of the Holy Spirit, the mystery of the source is perceived to be invisible. As the pool fills with water and exits the Visitor Center, we, with the presence of the Holy Spirit, are led back to the Church – and the Body of Christ.
  The Holy Family Shrine is glass-walled temple. A man-made stream bubbles along a path cut along the walkway to the entrance and then in the floor of the nave. Glass windows between columns serve as the Chapel walls. Above the altar, the largest window of the Chapel shows an image of the Holy Family gently etched in glass.
  The Parishioners were able to pray together following the life-size Stations of the Cross leading up and down the hill. Kids enjoyed being able to have a spiritual experience of prayer in the nature in peacefulness, totally enjoying this so-called gateway to heaven.

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