Altar Boy Training session was held at St. Nicholas Cathedral Parish

  A month long Altar Boy Training session was held at St. Nicholas Cathedral Parish.  This training consisted of interesting meetings organized and led by our seminarian, Br. Andriy Oliynyk. 

During the weekly Saturday meetings Br. Andriy filled the hearts of the children with God's love by telling them interesting stories, having the children watch a variety of interesting movies and animated films. 

  In addition to spiritual training, the participants of the Altar Boys training sessions also were able to partake in various competitions and sport games.  The Altar boys were especially impressed when Br. Andriy played football with them wearing his cassock.
  The highlight of the final Saturday training was when Father Deacon Marko Krutiak, who was invited to join this meeting to hold a discussion with the children about the importance of the Divine Liturgy, about the liturgical vestments worn during services and about various church supplies.  Another highlight of the final meeting was when Ms. Phyllis Muryn Zaparaniuk taught the children how to bake prosphora, which is used during the Divine Liturgy. The prosphora baked by our altar boys in training will be currently used for the upcoming liturgy services..
  We sincerely thank all the participants in the Altar Boy training sessions and a very special thank you to Br. Andriy for his devotion in providing an interesting educational opportunity and organizing a blessed time for our children.  May the sown Word grow and bear fruit for the salvation of our souls!   We pray for everyone.

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