Days of Shevchenko were celebrated in Omaha, Nebraska

  In the city of Omaha, Nebraska, the community of the parish of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, led by Fr. Taras Mylyan, celebrated the birthdays of Taras Shevchenko and Lina Kostenko.

  Parents and children learned and recited poems

and songs of outstanding poets, and performed a biographical introductory program. The children had the opportunity to learn a small part of the story from the homeland of their grandparents. The parishioners of the parish joined the holiday and shared the smallest details from Shevchenko's life, as well as personal experiences from visiting Shevchenko's house in Moryntsi.

  The holiday was broadcast online, and the recording was watched by everyone from all over the world. Volunteers played an important role in the event, helping to organize, to spread the information, as well as purchased gifts and lunch to maintain the festive spirit of children and guests of the program.

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