“To celebrate a holy day means to give it to God and neighbor,” the Head of the UGCC about Sunday

   To celebrate a holy day means to give it to God and neighbor. Six days a week a man reserves for himself, because he “eats the fruit of the labor of his hands.” The seventh day should be given to God as a sign that we do not live only from the work of our own hands but also because God sustains us. This was stated by His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Father and Head of the UGCC, in a comment for the UGCC Information Department.

  According to him, the seven-day period of our work and rest is a legacy of Judeo-Christian culture. The commandment to celebrate a holy day responds to human needs for it helps to restore our strength.  Therefore we must thank God for the gift of the weekdays and of the holy day.  That is why it is so important on the Lord's day to refrain from hard work and dedicate it to our Creator. However, it is important to remember some rules to do it right.

    “The seventh day which we sacrifice to God shows our correct understanding of the basic foundations of life.  It shows us the eternal source on which our well-being, health, our present and future depend,” the Head of the UGCC is convinced.

   “Christians, while celebrating the holy day, must attend the Divine Liturgy.  When a person does not do this consciously and voluntarily, then he sins.  In this way, he distorts the meaning of this day and experiences it incorrectly," he said.

    "When a person cannot participate in the Divine Liturgy due to certain obstacles, for example, there is no church where he lives, or during a pandemic, when there are strict quarantine restrictions, it is necessary to celebrate the holy day as much as the circumstances allow,” adds the Head of the Church.

   In his view, modern culture gives us various opportunities to do so including online broadcasts.  It is important not to fall out of the spiritual rhythm.

    In addition, personal prayer is one of the elements of devotion to God.  That is why it is important to pray on this day, to read the Holy Scriptures, to meditate, to communicate with God.  That is, to direct time and personal attention to your Creator.

   On the one hand, His Beatitude Sviatoslav warns people against the temptation to work hard on Sunday, and on the other hand, he says that good deeds should be done on a holy day as well.

    "Therefore, when you visit your parents only on Sunday and see that they need help that requires hard work, then listen to your conscience and help them.  However, in order not to be reproached by your conscience, it is better to find an opportunity to visit your parents on Saturday, Monday, or another weekday,” he says.

   May your conscience be a good voice of God in order to help you organize the holy day correctly and fill it with deeds of love and mercy,” the Primate of the UGCC wished in conclusion.

   The UGCC Department for Information