Letter to Clergy Communication

  April 22, 2021

  Christ is Risen!
  Dear Very Rev. and Rev. Fathers,
  It is very vital that our Eparchial Parishes grow and flourish in the spreading of God's word. I find that the initiative taken by Reverend Roman Bobesiuk can help us in the goal of communicating important information throughout our St. Nicholas Eparchy and even further. We who are now living in the 21st Century are fortunate to have at our disposal such an abundance of opportunities due to the advanced technological means by which information can be sent and received and heard within seconds. The apostles ot Jesus did not have such powerful means to spread God's word. Jesus said, “Go unto all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” MK 16.15. We can pursue this goal of spreading God‘s word by starting with providing informative aspects of our Eparchial parish life.
  At present we have the Eparchial website, our page on Facebook and YouTube channel which Rev. Roman had developed for the St. Nicholas Cathedral and St. Nicholas Eparchy. Several of the parishes of the Eparchy also have their individual sites for their individual use, which should remain, but I feel it would be beneficial for the Eparchial website to include your individual parish news for all to see. For example, on our eparchial website as you have been informed, an article by our Patriarch has been viewed 48 times, but an article about the Easter celebration at our church in Omaha had been viewed 369 times, which is an indication that parish activity is important to others outside the individual parish.
  I am asking for your cooperation in providing reports of the activities of your parishes. The activities and news from within your parishes can help us as was said by Father Roman “that we need to remember that God's Word is alive, and our Heavenly Father himself asks us to sow these grains of divine love and our mission is to share the good news”. The following is a sample of how you can be of help:
  1. if your parish has a parish bulletin, whether weekly or monthly please email it to the email I will provide.
  2. If your parish has no bulletin, please email some recent news from the activities at your parish weekly.
  3. Provide the Facebool‹ page for your parish and YouTube channel and any other blog information you may have.
  4. If you have any other suggestions please share.
  Please send information to:
  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  Website: www.chicagougcc.org
  FB: www.facebook.con/Ukr.Eparchy
  YouTube: Saint Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy
  To continue with the goal of providing information about our Eparchial parish life there is also a possibility, as was described by Father Roman, for news from the Eparchy to be on the internet radio, from Ukraine, for 2-4 hours daily and our parishioners can listen to from 6-10pm. The program would be only in Ukrainian (for English, we can try to pursue here). The radio program would be comprised of two paits: changeable and unchangeable.
  The Unchangeable: Individual Parish and Eparchy news, Mission Institute news, and news from our Eparchial committees. Spiritual “Reflections of Bishop Benedict”, readings from the Holy Gospel with explanations, Readings from the book “365 Days with Metropolitan Andrey Sheptickyy”, and other stories of interest.
  The Changeable: History of Individual Eparchial Parishes, Sermons from our priests, St. Nicholas School children's spiritual corner, Questions for the clergy, and guest speaker.
  The goal of this program would be to unite our parishes that are located far from each other and to grow in unity with Christ. The link for this internet radio will be available on our eparchial website. This site would also be available for parishioners to email their wishes, their interests etc. To financially support this project, we would set up button for donations, on our eparchial website, that would be used to develop our information resources and cover the expenses of airtime.
  I am looking forward to your cooperation in achieving the goal of spreading God's Word using all the technological opportunities throughout our parishes of St. Nicholas Eparchy.

  Bishop St. Nicholas Eparchy